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Music journeys-Sound Healing

Fralalai & Nana Zoe

Fralalai and Nana Zoe improvise music compositions and soundscapes using a big range of acoustic world instruments, combined with the angelic and deep tones of their singing.

They let the music unfold in a free flow, blending together improvisations and fragments of traditional melodies, creating mystical, folkish and shamanic atmospheres which carries you into a dreamy and meditative journey.

Their vocal harmonies blend with the enchanting sound of the Celtic harp, the grounding beats of the frame drums, the melodies of the drone flute and of other traditional instruments such as ngoni, shruti, kalimba, singing bowls, shakers etc, which they use to touch onto deep emotional landscapes.

 Fralalai and Nana perform in Yoga schools, Conscious Festivals, Ceremonies and private gatherings 

Nana Zoe & Fralalai

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