“Your Musical Nature” lessons encourage you to intuitively create music and to inspire your personal creative potencial.

Together we explore different ways of improvising and shaping melodies and rhythms, focusing on understanding the feelings that different harmonies, vocal expressions and melodies can evoke and together I wil help you translate them into the technical aspects of both harp playing and singing. 

The forms and the movements of Nature will be one of our inspiring source: I will guide you to visualize and embody the natural elements and to translate their motion into Musical Creations.

My lessons will help you to draw your inspiration from within yourself, as well as from the observation of your surrounding..  

“The Musical Nature” lessons are an opportunity to free your musical nature in a personalized and creative way,, to learn technical skills and to enjoy yourself!


Lessons are available Online and Offline

Price: Sliding scale (PM me for details) francesca.lai88@gmail.com



How would a Stone sing its ancient stories, if it could sing? What melodies do Fire flames awake in you? How does the vastness of the Ocean resonate through the colours of your Voice? There is a connection between the shapes and movements of Nature’s elements, and the way melodies and rhythms form. All of my music compositions are inspired by these dynamics.

In my workshops, I guide people to explore and embody this connection, allowing them to feel and express Nature's elements and archetypes through their voices and gestures.

My workshops provide space for co-creation, intimacy and depth, and inspire people to experience their connection with the sounds of the Cosmo.