My sound journeys carry your emotions and imagination through the sounds of a variety of instruments (harp, drum, kalimba, voice etc..). The participants are invited to be carried by the sounds, to let go, to ground, to be uplifted and to relax into the feelings. People can freely feel the music in their body and sit, lay down or move, allowing the sounds to flow into them, embodying the harmonies of the music.


I provide space for depth and grounding, as well as for softness and surrender. Through the arcane sound of the drum and of my deep chanting, I invite people to experience their earthy energy and their strength, to fill the warmth of their body, to dive into their inner depth and into the rhythm of their heart beat.

Through my harp and singing, I create melodious, heart opening and loving music which invites to surrender into the light of celestial melodies . There are also relaxing moments with soft lullabies and self-created mantras, as well as moments for release and dynamic expression. depending on the contest and on the participants, and with the inclusion of other instruments.