I perform with various instruments (harp, drums, voice, kalimba, shakers, bells etc.) and work with the energy of each of their unique sound, to bring people into a journey which nourishes and  elevates their heart.

Through the  arcane sound of my drum and of my deep chanting, I evoke the earth, the primordial darkness, and the rhythm of our heart beat, allowing space for grounding. Through the sweetness of the harp and of my high singing, I invite you to dream in the light of celestial melodies, and to expereince a feeling of love and gratefulness.

During the sound Journey, people are invited to lay down and close their eyes, allowing the music to move within their body and to flow in their heart.

I recently collaborated with the sound healer Nana Jovanovich. Together we create sound journeys in which our angelic and deep female voices merge with a variety of instruments including harp, drums, shruty box, singing balls, drone flute, shakers, kalimbas and other beautiful instruments.

Sound Journey together with Nana Jovanovich

at Yoga School Noord, Amsterdam