PARADISO, Amsterdam 2018

Collaboration with electronic sound producer Zinoun Abou Saleh in Electo Wheat proj,


This fusion merges electronic music together with live harp and chanting, creating a bridge between the ancient and the modern times.


Dance-music-physical theathre performance with modern dancer Fernando Oliveira. Merging the language of body, spoken words and sound.

Debut theathre Amsteram 2018

improvised music and international orchestra together with the organization "Sounds of change"

"Pluma" by ANT- Physical Theatre Company (Fernando Olivera)


This is a music dance performance for children. A dancer an actrice and a musician go on an adventureous journey to explore which world they can create via music and dance.


Made and performed by:
Fernando Oliveira: concept/ dance/ guitar/ vocals
Kim de Stella: acting / dance/ vocals
Francesca Lai: harp/ dance/ vocals

October 22, 2017 - Teatro Munganga.

"Musical Massage " Francesca Lai and Izabella Finch


M.M. is a relaxing immersion into touch and sound.

I improvise music and create soundscapes with different instruments and object, syncornicing my musical expression and rhythms with the movements of the masseur's hands.

Receiving a musical massage is a soft and playful journey in which you can relax your body and let your mind be carried away by the music.

Commision for the advertisement of Ruffino italian wine.

"Oh la luna" is a 60's style song, written and composed together  with studio Smid&Smid.