3 September accompaning Relaxation Yoga class, The Conscious Club Amsterdam

5 September Het Grote Fijne Zomer Festival

11 September New Eden (time to be confirmed)

18 September Paradiso Amsterdam

19 September Massage Concerts by Mystic Temple Amsterdam

20 September Yogaschoolnoord

25 September Massage Concerts by Mystic Temple, Belgium

31 October Dream and Ground Music Journey, The Conscious Club Amsterdam




10 August Soul Singing Soul Dancing Festival, Uffelte NL

02 August FUSE Ndsm Amsterdam, expo finisage

2 July Accompaning Relaxation Yoga class, The Conscious Club Amsterdam

10 July Sufi Cafè event, Mahara Amsterdam

16 July Sound Medicine, The Conscious Club Amsterdam

18 July Ecstatic Dance Festival Holland

31 July Angelic Harp & Chant, The Conscious Club Amsterdam 14 March Matcha Thea Ceremony at The Conscious Club Amsterdam

2 Feb. Dreamtime Soundhealing Ligconcert Amterdam

6 Feb. Restorative Yoga and Concert at Conscious club Amsterdam

8 Feb. Matcha thea ceremony at Conscious Club Amsterdam

22 Feb. Massage Concert by Mystic Temple, Den Hague NL

26 Jan. Concert at Buurtboerderij Amsterdam11-01 Matcha ceremony, Conscious club Amsterdam



11-01 Matcha ceremony, Conscious club Amsterd

11/12-01 concert at vakantiebeurs Amsterdam 

11-12 Kundalini awekening ritual, Bennebroek NL

13-12 Wisdom Women circle, Amsterdam

14-12 Massage concerts by Mystic tempel, Amsterdam

29-11 Plan C Amsterdam

02-11  Sufi Cafè, Doordrecht NL

16-11 Dansfeest met live optredens, Oosterkerk Zomerkade 165, Haarlem NL 

23-11 Ali Ancestrali, Palazzo Boglietti, Biella Italy

04-10 concert at Chapel ORKZ, Groningen 

28-09 Sufi tales and wisdom, De tempel Amsterdam

22-09 Musical Massage with Mystic Temple Amsterdam

01-09 Buurtboerderij Amsterdam

25-08 Blend Amsterdam market

13/14-08 Soul singing soul dancing festival, Uelenspieghel

09-08 Landjuweel Ruigoord at Kaboiterhuis, Amsterdam

22-06 Festival del Paganesimo Miagliano IT

19 and 20-06 Living Village Festival

9-06 Trobadour international festival Ruigoord

30-05 The art of presence, Natural high team, Ruigoord

26-05Galerie Veemkade Amsterdam

11-05 De Ruimte Amsterdam h19.00

9-05 Nieuwe Anita Amsterdam h19.30

26-04 Zaal100 Amsterdam h 20.00-21.00

10-04 Subculture Cabaret, Mezrab, Amsterdam

21-03 Cacao Spring celebration ORKZ Groningen

31-01 Stichting Omega Amsterdam



31-12 Tenclub Amsterdam

15-12 h 22.30 Odessa ecstatic dance Amsterdam

20-11 h21.30 Paradiso Tolhuistuin Amsterdam

26-10 h 19.30-21.30 Plan C Amsterdam

15-09 Ixcacao Odessa Amsterdam

9-09 Zeeburg Fetival Amsterdam

27-08 Tenclub Amsterdam

14-07 h17.00-19.00 Farmacia Rolando Biella (IT)

07-07 h 17.00 Feel Festival Berlin (in collaboration with Zinoun Abou Saleh and Fata Morgana family)

29-06 h19.00 Plan C, Amsterdam

23-06 h 16.00 Plan C Amsterdam

09-06 h14.30 Dichters Festival Amsterdam

06-06 h12.30 Green living Lab Amsterdam

1-06 h19.30 Labyrint cafe, Amsterdam

31-05 h 22.30 Paradiso Noord Toolhuistuin Amsterdam

20-05, h17.00 Vurige Tongen Festival, Ruigoord Amsterdam

27-04 h 2.30am, Paradiso Amsterdam

12-04 h 22.30 Odessa Amsterdam

11-02 h 20.00 Saunakaravaan Amsterdam