"Fralalai (Francesca Lai) is an Italian harp player and singer-songwriter based in Amsterdam.

Her solo repertoire includes her original songs and a few covers, mainly performed with Celtic harp and voice, and with other instruments such as lyre, frame drum and kalimba. Her “Celtic-erranean” (celtic+mediteranean) original style, is infuse with dreamy atmospheres of Celtic music, as well as with the emotional intensity of Mediterranean and Middle eastern tones.

Fralalai defines herself as a Neo-ancient trobairitz (female troubadour) who merges different styles and languages in a cross-cultural blend which connects our modern times with the ancient worlds.  

Her performances lead to enchanted inner journeys, which allow you to reconnect with your emotions and with Nature, and to celebrate your soul."


Francesca Lai studied music and visual arts in Italy and in the Netherlands in:

Accademia Lorenzo Perosi Biella, Academie Minerva Groningen and Accademia Albertina Torino

She performs in various venues internationally: Check her agenda here

MY CREATIVE  MISSION - "Free your enchanted life!"

Through the shimmering strings of my harps, the earthy depth of my drum, and the angelic and emotional qualities of my voice, I serve to reconnect us with our heart and sensitivity, and to awake what is magical, mysterious and profound in our essence, allowing it to shine.


We live now in an ever growing materialistic world, which buries our free spirit and in which we are disconnected from each other’s shared essence and from Nature itself. Through my creative endeavors, I mobilize authenticity and empathy against the apathy and the loss of spiritual values in our modern societies.

I sing in voices of known and unknown lands and in evocative words that​​ flow into me, to create a universal language which communicates to the heart above all.

Like a traveler on a flying carpet, I move between real and imaginary worlds: I invoke muses and mermaids, stars and angels, to receive inspiration; I listen to the echoes of the green hills and of the dark caves, to the silence of the stones and to the songs of the birds, and suffuse my music with their spirit.


Free your enchanted life !



My artist name "Fralalai" is a combination of my name and my family name (Francesca Lai) who's meanings and origins carry very symbolic values which I want to honour



-it comes from "franca": it means "free woman"...

-The "franchi"  (free folks) , were

Celtic tribes who resisted the Roman's invasions


-Medieval love and fantastic poems with supernatural and fairy-world Celtic motifs, accompained by music.

-Lament, poem, song, emotional  expression,

-Sardinian family name, word of celtic (irish and breton) origins meaning "song"