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Fralalai is a Harpist, Singer and Artist  who embodies the elemental energies of nature, archetype and myth, awakening what is sacred, magical, mysterious and profound.   

Through the shimmering strings of her harps, the earthy beat of her drum calling, the angelic tones and emotional depth of her voice, she weaves ethereal and grounding melodies with hints of Celtic atmospheres and archaic chants.

The delicacy and power of her astonishing singing voice resonate from high celestial dimensions to the vibrational depth of the earth, weaving incantations in a universal language which speaks to the heart.

Travel through mystic forests, singing waterfalls, deep caves and ancient spells, accessing enchanted and ancestral realms.  

This immersive experience is a heart-warming journey of remembrance, an elemental dance where nature, myth and spirit come together, weaving the melodies of the eternal flow of life.


Fralalai was born near the Italian Alps. Her northern Italian mother transmitted to her a love for northern European Celtic lore, music and spirituality while her father's lineage comes from Sardinia, an ancient island filled with legends, sacred sites and folklore, which she dips back into, reconnecting with her ancestral roots.

As a child she spent endless afternoons in the idyllic landscapes of the Alps and absorbed the beauty and the language of the nature elements, which she embodies in her music.

Trained in  classical guitar and visual arts before embarking on a self-guided journey as a singer and harpist, Fralalai’s embrace of these instruments came after a deep experience of loss and grieving. This experience, she says, opened "her portal of ancestral remembrance" allowing her music to serve as a means for guidance and transformation.

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Like a traveler on a flying carpet, I move between worlds: I invoke muses and mermaids, stars and angels, to receive inspiration; I listen to the echoes of the green hills and of the dark caves, to the silence of the stones and to the songs of the birds, and suffuse my music with their spirit.

Through the shimmering strings of the harp, the earthy depth of the drum, and the angelic and deep sounds of my voice, I serve to reconnect us with our heart and sensitivity, and to awake what is magical, mysterious and profound in our essence, allowing it to shine.

I sing in voices of known and unknown lands and in evocative words that​​ flow into me, to create a universal language which communicates to the heart, above all.

I’m inspired by those myths and traditions which tell of iconic Bards and Gods who used the power of music and words to heal, transform, and connect us with our divine dimensions. My music serves as a bridge that connects the values of these ancient worlds with our modern times.

We live now in an ever growing materialistic world, which buries our free spirit and in which we are disconnected from each other’s shared essence and from Nature itself. Through my creative endeavors, I wish to mobilize authenticity and empathy, restoring the spiritual values in our modern societies.

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